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Learn about Bestolife thread compounds

When you connect tubes, drill pipes or collars, you need to make sure those connections won't leak. Bestolife Thread Compound can help you do just that. Bestolife makes eco-friendly thread compounds for connections of all kinds and sizes. With Bestolife, you can breathe easy knowing your connections are sealed and secure.

Contact Bishop Sales Inc. now to purchase Bestolife compounds. Because of our close partnership, we can give you an excellent deal on their products. You can learn more about their commitment to creating eco-friendly products by visiting this link.

Why choose Bestolife Thread Compound?

Among all the other thread compound products on the market, why should you choose Bestolife? You'll be glad you used their compounds because:

  • They've been perfecting their compounds since 1932
  • Their founder was the first to create a thread compound that combatted galling, seizing and down-hole makeup
  • Their products are designed to extend the life of your drilling equipment
To find out which thread compound works best for your machinery, call 307-237-2283 today. A dedicated member of our staff will help you find what you're looking for.