Choose a Trusted Manufacturer for Your Oil Field Components

Browse Baird back-pressure regulators and relief valves today

If you're looking for a variety of oil field components that can stand the test of time, look no further than Baird products. Baird is a reliable manufacturer that's well-known for their top-rated back-pressure regulators. In fact, Baird is the original manufacturer of the first marketed back-pressure regulator.

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What makes Baird such a trusted company?

Not sure whether Baird components are right for your machinery? Contractors and oilfield workers all over the U.S. trust Baird because:

  1. They've been providing reliable components since 1922
  2. They're considered pioneers in the oil and gas industry
  3. They're constantly working to improve their equipment and exceed safety standards
In addition to back-pressure regulators, Baird also sells a wide range of other components, including relief valves, ball-and-seat testing machines, pump parts, taps and dies, cages and S.S.T. pipe repair clamps. You can view their full parts list by visiting their website.